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Back in July, my favorite prototyping tool sent out a shoot out in Dribble.  Although the reward was not for Quebec residents, but I gotta play.

If you haven’t heard of ProtoPie yet, you should definitely use it for high-fidelity prototypes.

Project idea

I always love to see how other people compose their color palette. Back in the days, when I partner with senior computer vision AI engineer, Jiyao Weng. I have audit so many AI-related visual algorithms, to be honest, I think Google actually did a pretty good job to make lots of people to feel AI is actually very fun and easy to do.

One of the experiments from Google, I really enjoy is  Art Palette 

I always want to design something similar. However, I have taken this idea and iterate it to my own as a mobile app for this design challenge on the dribble.

Main use

I want to design a simple app, where the user will land on the “Color of the day”, only 1 color a day. Simple & minimal. I also want to have room to expand the knowledge, so the following information is analogous colors and possible palettes.

With minimal and essential information, I want the user to be able to retrieve the colors on their own, so the HEX code and RGB value are important here.

Lastly, no fan of this color, well, let’s try random my feed and get lucky.

Enhance functions

Once the user dives into the color palette, now they can tweak each color by play around with shades and tint. Again, I want to keep it simple, so I only present a few shades and tint possibilities.

Image search

Thinking about how this color has been used? Drag and drop the color into the image search icon, we will pull AI for you.

Make it move with ProtoPie

Finally, with this idea, I produced the UI and bring to ProtoPie to make it magically within 6 hours. 🙂

ProtoPie URL:

You can download the pie to check how I made this one, or leave me a message, I can show you few tips. 🙂

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