User Experience Consultant
Chiali Tsai
I help companies to design & build delightful products

Hey, I’m Chiali.

Specializing in open-source design, I lead in creating products that captivate and promote freedom , focusing on humanity’s benefit.

Need design help?

/ What I do

Strategy, design, and development.

design strategy

Design strategy

Based on business and brand strategy. I identify and plan how to launch successful products in the short and long term.

App design

App and web design

Wireframe, visual design to high-fidelity prototype. I craft designs for all touchpoints. Native, or responsive.

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Design system

Design systems

Consistency and scalability. I build design systems for the efficiency of the team.
front end developement

Front-end development

Work hand in hand with developers. I produce designs that can feasibly bring ideas to life. I also help basic HTML templating and CSS tweaks.

/ How I do it

Be bold, lean & Iterative.

Know your users

Start with the most essentials. Know who you are targeting. What their general behavior is and how you can use these to trigger motivation.

Establish empathy together as a team

Building a good product starts with your own people. Sharing empathy and finding to the team is an important key, so everyone knows who and why we are building for.

Balance with the user, business needs, and technology feasibility

Every company has a mission behind the code. It requires a well-understanding from all 3 angles to propose a confident solution. Be bold & lean at the same time to react fast.

/ Industries I have worked with

I’m passionate to make our living better through design and technology, especially the interaction of the physical and digital world.

Public Goods
Blockchain, Web3
Smart home
Machine Learning
Art & media

/ Endorsement

Chiali and I worked together on several projects at Videri and each time she impressed me with her vision and understanding of our users. She was able to share and clearly articulate the experience she envisioned and how it relates to business needs and technical capabilities. Looking forward to our next challenge together.

Vincent Deschenes
VP of Software Development at Mylo

Truly a designer that is creatively versatile, Chiali does everything – from inventive ui/ux/app design and prototyping, to full-blown video pitches for quick turnaround client presentations. Chiali is the first person to ask about new apps and tools in the design space and understands technical backends better than most project managers. She loves a challenge and excels at being able to deliver, which makes her invaluable to any company she works with

D Miranda Ouellette
Art director