User Experience Consultant
Chiali Tsai
I help companies to design & build delightful products

/ About

All begin with curiosity.

Made in Taiwan, a frequently used self-introduction. I’m senior UX designer based in Montreal, Canada where I have helped companies to design products since 2012, prior to that I was a lead 3d artist in a game studio in Taiwan. My initial attempt when moving to Canada was for the animation industry but opportunities have driven me to help companies to launch meaningful products so we can live better in society.

I’m a true believer that everyone is a designer by nature. From my point of view, the difference between good and bad designers was about communication. During the years, I have built up experience on designing products from zero. Design is about solving problems & making a better future, it certainly should be an everyday thing we do.

I personally enjoy working on products that involve physical interaction with a digital interface. Spending the majority of my professional time with digital products that interlaced with physical products along with team across organization, I really enjoy distilling the complexity.

I love to share what I learn during the process, you can read more at my medium.
I’m open to mentorship as well.

/ Q&A

How do you usually start a design project?

When a company approaches me for a design project, I usually do a quick product audit for free and send over a short summary. Once the company agrees with the terms, I will start with user research such as identifying target users and their needs, analyze current usage data and user interviews (if the resource available), then move forward to the next tasks.

It’s important to understand what the target user’s needs are in order to balance with business needs. Furthermore, I always try to keep up to date with technology so I can give proper advice for development.

I own a business, how can you help me?

I love startups & local business. I can help you pitch with a great presentation so you can get funding, I helped many startups to define their product strategy along with their vision. I build high-fidelity prototypes so you can save some development waste. I’m full stack so pretty much from research to pixel-perfect design and product management. I help companies move faster toward where they want to be.

Why should I hire you, not the other designer?

To be honest, there are plenty of designers out there. My specialities really stand out from the crowd tho, I’m not a typical designer where I drop you a design and run away to have my own fun. I’m passionate about what I do and once I join a team, I really treat it as my own team. Everyone loves to be creative, but how might we retain creativity while moving toward our goal, faster & better? I’m here to drive that wheel.

What’s your rate?

Good design takes time, and time costs money. I charge a sliding scale from $90 to $115 per hour depending on the client profile and project scope.

“Good design is obvious, great design is transparent”

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