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Chiali Tsai
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/ Visual experience for hospitality

Reimage the connected wall in smart rooms.

B2B2C. Web application & native mobile app.
Company: Confidential

/ Summary

New business exploration


Market research
User testing
Mobile and web app design
Developer collaboration


High-level user journey storyboard
Storytelling presentation and video
Interaction design with the physical objects
Interface design for mobile and web app


With a tight deadline of 3 months, we delivered a well-designed MVP to potential clients.

Thanks to more than 7 developers across different time zones, project managers, and business development teams. We have collaborated closely to make this happen. This project also helps the company open a new market and it now lives in confidential hotels.

/ Understand the problem

Look at current & imagine the future

The assumption

There will always be a painting hanging in your hotel room that you wish it’s something different. Over time we have noticed consumers care the entire journey during their stay. How might we design a solution that’s memorable for hotel guests while helping hotel owners to save decoration costs and increase customer engagement?

General behavior

Based on research data done in-house, when traveling for leisure, you spend around 30% of the entire trip in a hotel room. Leisure travelers tend to use these hours to do the activities research versus business travel use these hours to recap their work or simply relax.

/ Balance the needs

Business requirement vs User’s desires

The project came from an external request. The client has many requirements surrounding the revenue stream for the hotel. The real end-users are actually the hotel guest, so we need to ensure the design does not overkill the experience for the end-user. No one wants to stay in a room full of advertisements. During the design exercise, we thought about how to create flexibility but with a default experience as a method to engage our end-user.

/ User journey in nutshell

From hotel admin to the guests

There are a couple of actors in this system, from technician, hotel content admin to hotel guests. Each one of them has very different needs. How might we design a system that’s seamless for everyone?

We have created a very high-level map to help us identify the needs on each stage. Where are the touchpoints for hotel admin and hotel guests.

/ Workflow

Step identify, now let’s dive in

Once we have set the vision of this experience, I started to dive into detailed tasks for each actor to succeed. What are their touchpoints? Is there a paint point? What should we set for business logic? How’s the system and interactions flow together?

/ Wireframes

Keep the flexible in mind

We have identified that in order to satisfy the actors in this system, we need to build 2 web apps. One solely for hotel admin to curate their content, set default experience and some canvas management, another one is for hotel guests. As mentioned early, how might we design an experience that’s simple, flexible and engaging?

For hotel guests

I thought about the concept of a dashboard, once they enter the room code, they will land on the interface with only a few topics available for them to choose. Hotel admin should have full control of how the content displays on this page, after all, they should be able to engage their guests with their brand present.

For hotel admin

I want to give them good flexibility to manage content while using the common pattern, I called it Group here, it’s similar to a folder so they can manage all related contents into a group.


Lean & Agile

I’m very proud to deliver this custom solution to our clients. We were able to just add a backend layout in order to match the business logic. In this project, I had a chance to perform my full stack capacity, from presentation, research, design to final build with developer.

Prototypes and final products are under NDA, I will be sharing here once they are available. Meanwhile, this is on site installation.

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Visual experience for hospitality

Reimage the connected wall in smart rooms.

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