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/ Defi for home construction

Using web3 to solve real-world problem.

Loan & project managing app.
Company: Rigor

/ Summary

What was delivered and how


User-interface design
Developer collaboration


xDAI Chain


After understanding the problem, I quickly realized the mission is not simply enable home builder to access funding easily, but also using this protocol to solve all home living chanllenges.

The business requirement was clearly outlined from the client, and I’m very happy to help for launching the beta in Oct 2021.

/ Understand the problem

The loans

To be honest, when I started this project, it was a very new set of problems for me. I have never designed such application related to loan. However, after some online research on how home builders access loan, I came out with the summary of applying loan is just too troublesome. Imagine how many paperworks they have to go through, and all the process in between, plus the interests rate..etc.

Investment opportunities

Home is where people live, what if there is no middle man and only it’s people to people interaction? How might we using the decenteralized technology to satisify their needs?

There are couple of apps out there to enable consumer direct invest to real estate projects, but what about the project transparency?

Smooth the entire workflow

While researching the needs and goals for our target users, I realized that there is no application that empower users to do all related tasks in single platform. 

Home builders needs to apply loans in one place, Investors access project opportunity in another, and contractors manage their work and get paid at another platform. How about we bring all the people together into one?

/ User journey

The challenges on the map

Although I didn’t have experience to design app for such industry (home construction) but team were able to gather members with specific background to help on crafting the experience. Below is the user journey map I created. Since Rigor is an app that user can be multiple roles for certain needs, how might we design a friction-free interface that based on each one’s profile and work habits?

Journey phase / Enage

One of challenge I highlighted was the “start using the app”, this challenge is common for all dApps, how might we engage user to change their previous work habit to web3?

For a crypto-native user, the benefits are easy to understand. But for general public, how might we onboard them without any confusion and providing the safe, secure feeling to them?

Journey phase / During

I also thinking about the mobility, for contractors, sub-constractors whom are most likely working on site. The app has to be mobile friendly in order to create the easy accessibility for all.

/ MVP & complexity

Build with core features in mind, and for all

Since Rigor is multi-role system, meaning a person can be investor (invest in projects) while being a sub-contractor (do physical task and get paid) at same time. UI clarity is very important for me, user should know under certain indicators, they are doing the certain tasks, while being delighted by the interface.

We actually hired a developement agency in early days for our mvp v0.1, since the dev team is in different timezone, I want to make sure all the logic are clearly outlined and I have expressed the user need to the team.

Roles in the eco-system

/ Sketches

When I kick off the project, I had the opportunity to explore on interface arrangement. Although these sketches didn’t make to the final line, but I think they are presenting some valuable designs which I will take consideration for the future iteration.

Community screen, where investors can dig more info here.

/ Beta

In the end, we built our developement team to tackle the beta version. Rigor is launched in Oct 2021 with selected home builders for this round of release, we called 100 home program. I’m very proud to launch this after serval month of head down on design and trying to overcome some web3 UX for this industry. We will continue to make this better and hopefully soon it will launch to public.

Special thanks to:

Jonah, for being an amazing project lead

Francois, for being a super dope brand designer with me on this project

Brandon, for sharing all his knowledge in the construction industry

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