Product design / UX + Visual design

The idea

That was this time of the year, weather kept changing. For a lady like me, it was hard to find a proper wear just go to work. I always need to check weather or pedestrian to get an idea of how to dress, so why not create a product which allow user to check weather and get inspired by the fashionable photo also get revenue of online-sales?

Essential UX elements:

User’s location and current weather
Very basic need for every weather apps.

Inspiring fashion photos
As the main core of this app, fashion photos are important and ideally we want user to feel that they can afford them. I believe it will require some kinda curator for this feature.

Same as a basic weather apps, forecast is important. But instead of display out the temperature, we will use the fashion photos as indicator.

Store link
So as you can imagine, this app generate revenue by giving the store link relate to the fashion photos so user can purchase them.

This was a sparkle idea I have, I always want to see how I can turn an idea to real deal. If you are interest to build this with me, please do let me know!