UX design / Interaction design / Usability testing

maax modulr


Back then, I was working in MAAX as digital designer where my work has been selected as people’s choice award for Sitecore. The inventories of this company are huge, we were using SAP to manage all the products and Sitecore for all the digital contents.

MAAX has produced a new product line to focus on showroom agents and consumers whom are willing to pay a little bit more to enhance their bathroom experience. The web tool “ModulR” was born.

Since there are physical products and some constrains go with it, I sit with and learn from the industry designer to fully understand the product and how I can design this tool intuitively.

The process

I was lucky to work with a senior user researcher and an amazing team. After learning about the physical products, we have broken down on few parts where user can customized their needs, with these I created some basic prototypes to move forward.

User interview:
The company has amazing sale team, we were able to interview with them and validate our ideas with the prototype I made.

Internal validation:
Not just with sale team, we also tested my prototypes with product managers and team to validate ideas.

web UI

The design phrase took about 3 months, I have made at least 8 high-fidelity prototypes with justinmind which allow us to test UX flow from finding the desire configuration, customize it and check out.

web UI

Iteration with prototypes

Each time I built a prototype and tested it, I learn something new and learn how to approach design much lighter and easy to use for users.

Take away

I’m really happy the result of this web tool I designed, I think mainly it’s I was designing with many talented people, from product manager, project manager, SAP manager, user researcher and industry designer. When we went on-site to test with our potential users, 90% of feedback are very positive and this tool is now live here with monthly visits of more 1500 visitors.

This project also inspired me to write a medium story:  KISS Principle, Lesson Learned.