Why design?

Implement the design thinking to your product is an important thing, but do you know why?

About me

I'm a full-stack designer who passionat at whole experience between user and product. Not only I love doing intuitive interfae but also I love to work with bunch of smart engineers and hoping my design can change the world.

There is no surprise that I also love problem-solving.

Some of my main strength are establish business foundation, help client/company to reach next level in technology and revenue, bring out of box solutions and provide resources to the team.

Design Articles

So many great resource on the web, here is my participation on Medium

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How you can find more about me

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Now you are at the end of page, can you tell me why design is important?

A. Because it makes things beautiful.

B. Because it should combine our thinking nature.

C. Above of all plus ____.